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7 Tips for Problem in Dog Behavior

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There are times when your pet may show problem behaviors. You need to understand that dogs don’t have that sense of morality; they don’t understand what is right and what is wrong. Pets do whatever works or the way they think. Consider an example, suppose a dog is chewing any of your chair leg. In order to distract him from chewing that furniture you give him a cookie. Unknowingly you have just taught him to chew chair leg whenever he wants cookie. It’s as simple as that.

Whenever your dog exhibits any problem behavior try to correct it in the right way. The more you let it pass by the hard it will be to correct the behavior or processes. There are some behaviors which can relatively turn out to be impossible to handle. Don’t hesitate to take the help of professional to deal with such cases. Here are some common problems which can help you to manage such cases:


Aggression is not always effective, you need to understand it. Whenever you notice any wrong behavior act promptly and try to correct the mistake. It may take some time but have enough patience to make your pet understand. Aggression may help you but at times it can further complicate the situation. So act accordingly.

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Whining or barking

Barking or whining is something that comes naturally with every dog. For many it is quite enjoyable. For the part of any owner when barking and whining disturbs you remember not to repeat the act. It creates a wrong impression. Dog may feel that he should bark back more loudly and carries it on. Teach him to stay quiet and reward him with favorite items. With time it will slowly incorporate the habit.


Begging is another bad habit and it is important to cure it from the beginning. Whenever you are having food keep your pet confined to some other place or in his crate. Keep him engaged with toy. This process can help your dog from begging.


Dogs love chewing and it is more of a habit for them. As an owner you should understand the fact and take up the responsibility to provide them some safe chewing toys which can keep them occupied or engaged. This will prevent your pet form chewing anything around your house.

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Digging is another natural instinct that comes with every dog. You can’t fight with him to stop such habit. It is better to select a place in your yard where it can dig as much as he want, won’t bother you. Encourage him to use that particular spot. You can incorporate that habit by digging something and asking him to dig out that.

Jumping Up

Dog cannot jump up on someone if he or she is sitting, lying down or confined to something. Enlist your neighbor or friends to help incorporate the habit in your pet. Slowly it will help him to act quiet and behave properly.

There are some processes or techniques which can help your dog. It is important address every issue carefully, the best way is to take professional or expert help.

Is Your Pet Overweight? Exercise and Eating Tips for Dogs

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Generally pet have same tendency like humans to gain weight. Here are some better ways to incorporate good health in your pet’s life. Well there is a general way to check whether your pet is overweight or not. Place palm of your hand on both side of the pet’s rib and then gently press. If you can feel the ribs with such amount of pressure, then your pet has the right amount of weight. In case you press harder to feel the ribs then your pet is overweight. It is important to address the issue at the earliest or else it can cause further complicacy. Overweight in pets lead to medical complications (read this WEBMD article), discomfort for pet and increases overall expense for owner.



It is important to follow proper eating habit when your pet is facing problem with overweight. Here are some necessary changes:

  • Set strict and proper diet for your pet. It is important to serve the right amount based on their type and weight. Get professional help and accordingly follow the schedule every day. It is important to maintain weight, excessive weight can complicate things.
  • It is important to consider low calorie foods that are specially made for overweight pets. Don’t leave food for your pet whole day. At vets and pet store there are several low calorie foods, try those.
  • If you are starting something new for your pet make it slow and steady. Start by mixing one part of new food alongside three part of the old one. Gradually start increasing the new food.
  • It is important to provide only that particular calorie which is necessary, extra snacks or food can cause complicacy.
  • Provide your pet tasty health alternatives. Provide broccoli, carrots or green beans that can help their cause.
  • Check out this dog food guide for more details about the diet.



Apart from eating the right food it is also necessary to carry out proper exercises. Here are some tips:

  • For your pet start gradually and with time pace up the speed so that it can build endurance. Before and after walk provide them lots of water. It is important to keep them hydrated. Make them walk over the grass. There are some breeds or dogs that are likely to be active. Small breeds or dogs may not be able to keep up, it is important to train them accordingly.
  • For cats also it is important to make them exercise on a regular basis. Older or aged cats tend to be very lazy. They sleep more and as a result gain more weight. It is important to keep them active, either by making them run or playing with them on a regular basis. Bu some toys which can keep him or her active and interested. Remember this is a regular process and should be followed on daily basis.

However whenever you start any particular eating habit or exercise for your pet it is important to have proper consultation with a professional or vet expert. They can help you and provide the best solution in such cases.

This guest post is written by Daniel – a fitness expert who writes for many fitness magazines such as JackedGorilla.Com. If you are planning to get fit and find motivation, check out the website for more information.